4 Tips to Bake Delicious Cheesecake

cheeseartWhen was the last time you have tasted cheesecake? Don’t you know that making a cheesecake has some secrets as well that is why it is delicious? Usually, when one mentioned about cheesecake, we always imagine its rich and luscious texture. Its texture is ranging from airy, light to dense depending on the process used by the baker.

If you are looking forward to bake your own, here are some of the 4 tips to bake delicious cheesecake that you could use:

How to avoid surface crack

Seeing some cracks on your cheesecake is not a pretty sight at all. Well, there are some steps on how to avoid this. The first thing to do is to mix the cheesecake batter carefully. Please avoid having lumps on the cream cheese then add some eggs. When you are already cooking it, make sure that you use a water batch process. Water batch process allows the slow cooking of your cheesecake. Also, keep the temperature around 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. After the given time, turn it off and leave the cheesecake until it cools down for a more hour.

How to freeze a cheesecake

If you freeze a cheesecake it is important that you know how to carefully wrap it. In some cases, you can put the springform pan inside the freezer. After an hour, you can make use of a knife to for the separation of the cheesecake from the pan. Once removed, the cheesecake should be wrapped inside a thick aluminum wrapper. Always remember that you cannot freeze the cheesecake for more than 1 month. If you free it with toppings, it will only cause to its early demise.

You can always put pecan nuts on your cheesecake

The best part of baking a cheesecake is you can customize it to follow a certain healthy diet. If you have observed, some cheesecakes have pecan nuts on it. Why not, right? Besides, pecan nuts are a perfect agent for battling most types of cancers. It is also rich in zinc, manganese, calcium, manganese, selenium, iron and many more. It is like you are just taking vitamins in a dessert. Cheesecake with pecan nuts is one of the healthiest sweets out there as it provides good cholesterol for one’s body.

Adding alcohol on your cheesecake

Alcohol and liquor cheesecakes are not advisable for kids but could be an all time treats especially for adults. If you want to save cash from serving real bottle of wine and liquor on your event, serve a dessert that carries a spirit of alcohol. Your guests will surely be thrilled. There are a number of bright ideas how to add alcohol on your cheesecake out there so you need to do some research. Good luck on your quest. It will surely be fun!

Whether you will do it for a hobby or for business, following the 4 tips to bake delicious cheesecake will help you a lot. The tips above are really easy and handy so why try it on your own this weekend.