Ordering Wedding King Cakes’ Packages in Houston, TX

3 Package Types of King Cakes

cakeThe first thing that you need to ask yourself when you are planning to serve king cake on your event is “how many people you are going to serve?” There are cases wherein the couple wants to ditch the traditional way of serving 7-tier cake on their wedding celebration. If you are keeping it low and cost efficient, try getting wedding king cakes in Houston, TX.

The average cost of a single king cake will only eat up around $50 from the wedding budget, unlike a traditional vanilla cream cake which may cost around $300 to $1000 depending on its décor and size. If you are planning to order king cake, here are the three basic packages that you can look at:

This package will cost you around $40; among the three packages that will be presented, this one is the simplest. Usually, this package is served during mardi gras festivity. It is nothing fancy as it only has plastic baby design and a flyer. This gourmet Houston king cake is weighing around two pounds.

This two-pounder king cake gourmet will surely add spice on your event as it has throw beads, plastic baby décor, doubloons and a couple of flyers. If your event is small, it can feed around fifteen to twenty bridal guests.

This package is the grandest of the three as it contains a lot of aesthetic decors. It is still weighing around 2 pounds, only that it includes eight inches jester doll, can insulator, throw beads, throw cups, doubloons, plastic baby and flyers. It can serve 20 or more people.

Wedding king cakes in Houston, TX are not the usual option when it comes to bridal cake dessert just like cheesecakes, but it has its own charm that will surely make the guests crave for more. This type of cake is deeply rooted on holiday and festive celebrations so it might as well add color to your classy-simple wedding.